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With rising energy demand and accelerating climate change, sustainable and renewable energy has become ever so important. We take pride in playing a part in that transformation and supporting Malaysia's goal of achieving net-zero carbon by 2050.

Operating Since2013
Mitigated CO2 Emissions1.0 kT

Our Story

Building Sustainability, One Panel at a Time.

Max Bell Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2013 to play a positive role in developing solar PV infrastructure across Malaysia. Starting with the installations of residential Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) customers, Max Bell began catering to commercial clients in 2016 against a backdrop of climate change and greater focus on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) policies.

Our rebranding to AQ Energy took place in 2022 to reflect the involvement of a greater headcount and greater visionaries. It is with a mixed talent pool, that we aim to make solar energy more affordable for everyone.

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Our Ethos


To accelerate Malaysia's transformation into a net-zero carbon economy.


Delivering powerful and accessible solar PV systems to Malaysians.


To treat the environment, and our people, fairly.

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